Environment Sustainability Charter.

Ponty Pridd Holdings Limited aspires to be a leader in driving environment sustainability within the regions’ logistics industry. We are committed to this journey as a business partner, an employer, a community member and an environmental steward.

Becoming Carbon neutral

Ponty Pridd measures its carbon emission and reports through carbon disclosure annually. We have put a plan in place to
become carbon neutral by the year 2025. The journey to becoming carbon neutral shall be achieved through strategic environmental sustainability goals around;


Ponty Pridd biggest contributor to carbon emission is in energy use. The carbon emission energy sources are from electricity use and fleet fuel use.

In recognition of the above we continue to invest in green energy such as solar in our operational sites.


We are aware that as we drive, deposits, mostly caused by combustion, accumulate with every kilometre. Today’s modern engines are even more susceptible to this problem. As a result, these are the negative outcomes including, higher CO2 emissions, higher fuel consumption, lower engine power and less driving comfort. We therefore only utilize fuels sourced from partners with environment sustainability systems in place, and who have developed special green and cleaning additives to their fuels. Our current Fuel suppliers utilize Excellium and Dynaflex special blend additives for cleaner efficient engines.


Fuel consumption reduction as best practices are applied in our day-to-day operations for further reduction of unavoidable fuel use. Such best practices include and not limited to optimized route planning, load optimization, optimized packaging.

Carbon Sinking

We appreciate the fact that carbon emission reduction alone is not enough to save the planet from the current climate change impacts. As such we have partnered with environmental organizations such ministry of Environment and Natural resources, National Environment Management Authority (NEMA Kenya), Green Belt Movement and local communities in tree planting for carbon offsetting.

We have put a target in place to lead tree planting drive of 500,000 tree per year starting the year 2022 a journey towards neutral carbon by the year 2025.

Innovation and Technology

Green logistics technology is the future for more economical, efficient and environmentally friendly fleets. We commit to implementing green technology such as Electric Vehicles in our fleet management strategy to help the environment carbon footprint, simplify processes, reduce waste and increase our competitiveness.

Waste Reduction

Waste reduction in logistics industry is a quick win in carbon footprint reduction. We continuously partner with our customers and suppliers to reduce on waste generation through light packaging, replacing plastics with light grammage paper boards and re-usable materials.

In our operations sites we conduct trainings and create awareness on best waste management strategies i.e Reduce, Reuse and recycle. This has contributed to reduction of carbon emissions from landfills.

Green Suppliers

As a business we appreciate that green sourcing in the whole business supply chain contributes to an overall reduced carbon footprint. We have put in place a system for vetting of our suppliers of goods and services .This process allows us to partner with suppliers who have environment sustainability systems in place. As such for our main materials such a fuel we have had a long term partnership with players such a Vivo Energy and Total Energies.


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