The walls built to lock us out are starting to come down

Conquering my fear was ecstatic, and doing it so confidently that your instructor congratulates you has been the highlight of my training. To me descending the Mai Mahiu escarpment on a truck was my worst nightmare but I did it right and the fear of the road turned into where will this amazing Journey take me.

These are the words of Elizabeth Wambui Kinyua, a truck driver intern who is living her dream behind the drivers cab. Principled and outgoing, Elizabeth credits She Delivers Program for her changed mindset, “I am now growth oriented, my emotional intelligence has been activated and people skills have been polished to allow me to thrive as a team member.

Further, this program and the team we are interning with have made me fall in love with what I am doing. Together with the instructors, She Delivers has offered a strong sisterhood and network of people who believe in and support you and indeed failure is not an option when you have such dedicated people behind you. This support has allowed all of us to gain the confidence needed to be accepted in the industry and even the doubters can see we are doing a great job and the walls they had built to lock us down are beginning to come down.

Cognizant that dangers still loom on the road, the She Delivers defensive driving class is something I would recommend for all drivers; it not only prepares you for danger but it also makes sure as a driver you remain situationally aware at any time you are on the road. Indeed She Delivers has been a great blessing to me and a program I would recommend to all ladies out there looking for a successful career in the transport and logistics industry.


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