From a shy girl to a super-woman

“I love a challenge, and what better way to embrace one than by proving the doubters wrong. My name is Seline Auma Adero, and although I may not give off typical ‘mechanic vibes,’ I can dismantle and reassemble engines and machines like a seasoned professional. Inquisitive from a young age, I always loved tinkering with things, and this curious nature has been a blessing in my training as a mechanic.

This, coupled with my love for trucks, has made the She Delivers internship program an invaluable blessing to me and my career. Every day of this training presents a different challenge and different ways to tackle it; I have learned that what you do is as important as how you do it. This realization has challenged me to constantly seek different approaches to problem-solving both on and off work. This approach has earned me respect among my colleagues, as many had not encountered a female mechanic before.

The lessons, life skills, and camaraderie that She Delivers has taught me have planted a seed of hope within me. When I arrived here, I simply wanted to be a mechanic, but today I feel like a superwoman. I no longer just see a tree; I can visualize the forest that will be a garage and auto clinic run by me in five years.

Thank you, She Delivers, for delivering hope, confidence, and a can-do spirit within me as I embark on my journey of endless possibilities.”



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