Doing good is not good enough; She Delivers demands your very best

Once I stepped into the operations office, I realized documents and documenting is sacred if you are to run a successful transport and logistics operation. Magic does not happen for goods to move from point A to B, there are lots of documentation and hundreds of cogs running in the background, and being part of the unseen cast has been a most rewarding experience.

What were just papers to me three months ago are a data throve; and today I know what documents are needed to check goods out, those needed before you load, how to invoice, and where each vehicle is and while it may seem like a maze, there is a system that makes it easy and manageable.

Months ago, I would have been content with scanning and filing papers, however She Delivers demands more from you and today I am really invested in how the system works, what I can do to improve it and what will the future look like.  This mentality makes you invest time in yourself, invest time in what you do and as an operations officer makes you think of scenarios and solutions for them, a level of personal responsibility many of us never get to unlock in their jobs.

On behalf of my fellow cohort 1 classmates, “We are fully appreciative of this program, it has lived up to its slogan as individually and collectively today we can say She Belongs, She Moves, She Delivers as we have made progress- transitioning from where we were to where we are, we are delivering cargo, raw materials, food and jobs and more importantly we have been accepted as valuable members of the communities we work in.”


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