Head of Operations

With a unique combination of Marketing, Transport, and Logistics, Humphrey Mwangi excels in ensuring seamless cargo deliveries that are timely, accurate, safe, and secure. His commitment to perfection in transport and logistics has led to numerous satisfied clients and a mark of excellence in the industry.


Marketing, Transport, and Logistics


Humphrey is a proud graduate of Kenyatta University, where he obtained a Bachelor of Commerce Degree.


Throughout his illustrious career spanning over 17 years, Humphrey has worked with industry giants such as Kenya Breweries Ltd, Nation Media Group, Airtel Kenya, and SBC Kenya Ltd (Pepsi). His zeal for continuous growth has him attending regular workshops and conferences, keeping abreast of the latest in the industry. Outside of his professional duties, Humphrey's heart beats for community and mentorship. He spearheads a mentorship initiative with a young boy’s football club. Not just limited to the field, this commitment extends to children's homes where, alongside the boys from the club, he dedicates time to various activities, be it cleaning, cooking, or simply playing with the children.